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Hailing from the planet Alliga, the Holwuff are best known as craftsmen. Their people are renowned throughout the galaxy as being able to craft the finest luxury technology items. Many of the rich among the upper class contract Holwuff specialists to create personalized, functional works of art. These fine works range from items as small as Comlinks to as large as star cruisers. The entire planet’s economy is dependent on the niche market, and the Holwuff people are masters at plying their trade.

Holwuff Characteristics Edit


Personality: Holwuffs are driven craftsmen who relish artistically expressing themselves through technology. They tend to enjoy reverse engineering existing technology and giving it an elegance thought unachievable in the mundane. They are very cultured, and live lives filled with art.

Physical Description: The Holwuff are large creatures believed to be distant evolutionary cousins of the Whiphid. It is hypothesized that they are yet another experiment conducted millennia ago by Arkanian mad geneticists. As such, they share the Whiphid’s large frame and long snout. Their skin is even thicker, and slightly less hairy.

Average Height/Weight: A typical Holwuff stands at 2.2 meters tall and weighs about 120 kilograms.

Age Groups: Holwuffs age at the following stages:

1-12 Years 13-18 Years 19-35 Years 36-55 Years 56-79 Years 80+ Years
Homeworld: The terrestrial Outer Rim planet of Alliga.

Languages: Holwuff read and speak Alligan, a language consisting of growls, roars, barks and body language.

Example Names: Dralga Till, Rogwa Wodrata.

Adventurers: Holwuff encountered off-world are almost always Scoundrels or Scouts focused on the Tech Specialist line of Feats. While there is not a strong tradition of Holwuff Force-users, they are possible.

Holwuff Species Traits Edit

Holwuffs share the following Species Traits:

  • Ability Modifiers: All Holwuffs receive a +2 bonus to both their Strength and Intelligence, but suffer -2 penalties to their Wisdom and Charisma. The mighty Holwuff are very intelligent, but lack the wisdom and leadership to compliment it.
  • Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Holwuffs have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Holwuffs have a base speed of 6 squares.
  • Artistic Artisans: Holwuff are considered some of the finest luxury craftsbeings in the galaxy, and have an odd ritual of sculpting the proposed design in miniature before crafting.
    • If a Holwuff takes the time to model an object before constructing it, they gain a +5 bonus to all Mechanics checks to Build Object and Design Starship. The time to sculpt an item is 1/4th the time of item construction.
  • Natural Armor: The Holwuff hide is thick, providing a +2 Natural Armor bonus to their Reflex Defense. A Natural Armor bonus stacks with an Armor bonus.
  • Automatic Languages: All Holwuff can speak, read, and write both Basic and Alligan.
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