This article details the Holoshroud Armor Upgrade found in Scum and Villainy. You may be looking for the Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Detection and Surveillance Device of the same name, the Holoshroud.

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Upgrade Type: Armor Upgrade

Cost: 5000

Upgrade Point Cost: 1

Availability: Restricted, Rare

A Holoshroud Upgrade places small holographic projectors at key points around the Armor. These projectors are linked together and designed to place a holographic image over the Armor (And it's wearer). The image moves as the Armor moves, making the illusion of a different appearance difficult to penetrate.

The Holoshroud can store only a single image, which must be of the same basic size and shape as the Armor (Generally humanoid). The image can be changed with an hour of work and a DC 20 Use Computer check.

The Holoshroud provides a +10 Equipment bonus on Stealth checks to conceal items (Underneath the image) as well as any Deception checks made to create a Deceptive Appearance matching the image. However, the Holoshroud doesn't withstand scrutiny, so any observer who uses a Full-Round Action to search the wearer gains a +10 circumstance bonus on the opposed Perception check. Furthermore, the Holoshroud doesn't have any tactile, auditory, or olfactory component, so observers with the Scent Species Trait or using a Sensor Pack gain a +10 circumstance bonus on their Perception checks.

The Holoshroud draws power from a standard Energy Cell, which gives enough power for twenty rounds of use (Drawn in any increment). Such Armors are often Upgraded with the Extra Power Source or Internal Generator modifications to extend this operating time. You can turn a Holoshroud on or off as a Swift Action.

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