Small, palm-sized blasters see widespread use in weapon-restricted areas. Hold-out Blasters are commonly found in the possession of undercover agents, gamblers, Scoundrels, or Nobles seeking to protect themselves. They are sometimes carried as a backup weapon for more lethal characters.

Because of its compact design, a Hold-Out Blaster Pistol grants a +5 Equipment bonus on Stealth checks made to conceal the weapon.

A Hold-Out Blaster requires an Energy Cell to operate. After 6 shots, the Energy Cell must be replaced.

Weapon Type: Pistols

Size: Tiny

Cost: 300

Damage: 3d4

Stun Setting: NO

Rate of Fire: Single-Shot

Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

Type: Energy

Availability: Illegal

Inaccurate: This weapon cannot fire at targets at Long Range.

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