Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Vehicles and Vessels

Starship Systems Type: Weapon Systems

Damage: See Below

Availability: Illegal

Cost: x5

Hex Weaponry, also known as Dragon's Breath or Trihexalon, is a deadly chemical weapon developed by the Separatists just prior to the Clone Wars. Incredibly deadly, the green gas would spread from the point of impact quickly. A Hex warhead can be added to any sized Concussion Missile or Proton Torpedo. A Hex weapon that impacts on a ground target in an atmosphere deals the same damage as normal for that weapon, but with a 10-Square Splash.

All characters in range must resist a Poison attack against their Fortitude Defense. Everyone within the Splash area of impact of a Hex Weaponry, and 10 more squares out from impact each round after detonation to a maximum of 40 squares, are considered to have experienced physical contact with the gas.

The attack bonus of the gas is determined by the type of contact it makes. Skin contact uses an attack bonus of +10. If inhaled, the gas gains an attack bonus of +12. If ingested (Drink/Swallow), the gas gains an attack bonus of +14. Getting an injury from the gas that breaks the skin (Taking damage from the initial attack) provides an attack bonus of +16.

A successful first attack subtracts 3d6 from the affected targets’ Dexterity score, and decreases their base speed by 1d4. Secondary damage causes Immobilization, and tertiary damage automatically moves the victim -5 steps on the Condition Track.

Once exposed, the target must continue to resist the attacks of the gas every round that they are exposed. As soon as a successful attack is made by the gas against a target, they must continue resisting until they are removed from contact with the gas and are given a DC 25 Treat Injury check (Having an antidote grants a +20 bonus). The gas remains in the affected area for 24 hours before finally dispersing.

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