Heavy Blaster Pistols were invented to provide the sort of firepower one expects from a Blaster Rifle, but in a compact and easily carried sidearm. The weapon produces additional "Punch" by drawing heavily on its Power Pack, reducing the number of shots the Power Pack can provide (compared to a regular Blaster Pistol). Han Solo uses a Heavy Blaster Pistol, the BlasTech DL-44.

A Heavy Blaster Pistol requires a Power Pack to operate. After 50 shots, the Power Pack must be replaced.

Weapon Type: Pistols

Size: Medium

Cost: 750

Damage: 3d8

Stun Setting: YES

Rate of Fire: Single-Shot

Weight: 1.3 Kilograms

Type: Energy

Availability: Military

Inaccurate: This weapon cannot fire at targets at Long Range.

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