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A Hazard includes any effect that can cause harm, but does not have a stat block. Most Hazards are self-contained dangers that affect anyone or anything that comes into contact with them. A scorching desert, a Toxic Atmosphere or Corrosive Atmosphere, and a virulent Disease are all examples of Hazards.

Hazards affect organic creatures, machines, or both. A Hazard resolves its effects by making an attack roll against one of the target's Defense Scores; if the attack succeeds, the target suffers the effects of the Hazard, including damage that may require special actions to treat. A Hazard may affect all targets within an area or a single target, depending on its nature and range.

Keywords[edit | edit source]

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All Hazards have one or more keywords that describe how the hazards function mechanically. Some creatures have bonuses against certain types of Hazards (For example, a Beast might ignore environmental hazards in certain terrain). The following Keywords represent most of the existing mechanical elements of Hazards, but feel free to create new ones for special conditions that are common in your campaign. When you design a Hazard, be sure to select the right Keyword(s) based on its nature.

Hazards by Challenge Level (CL)[edit | edit source]

The below links include pages that list Hazards by their Challenge Level (CL):

Non-Typical Hazards[edit | edit source]

Some Hazards exist that don't directly impede or obstruct the heroes. Such Hazards add variety, but not necessarily difficulty, to an encounter.

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Falling Damage When a creature, Droid, object, or Vehicle falls from a great height, it will take damage from the fall.
Falling Objects Just as creatures take damage when they fall, so too do they take damage when hit by Falling Objects.
Gravity The force that gravity exerts on a creature determines how they develop physically as well as their ability to perform certain actions.
Visibility It's a rare mission that doesn't end up in the dark somewhere, and heroes need a way to see.
Starships of the Galaxy
Starship Hazards Battlefield Hazards that can hamper Starships and their passengers.
Scum and Villainy
Space Travel Hazards Dangerous mishaps that can occur in flight.
Homebrew Content
Complications Mental disorders, trauma, insanity, or crippling injuries that cannot be healed with a simple Medpac.
Injuries A new class of status effect for characters, Injuries represent lasting negative qualities similar to, but not quite as severe as Persistent Conditions.
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