Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

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You are a descendant of Corran Horn, a Corellian police officer-turned-Jedi, as well as the famous Jedi Keiran Halcyon. Your family is known for its skill with Mind-Affecting Force Powers as well as its investigative skills, not to mention its long-standing association with The Fringe thanks to your ancestor Mirax Terrik. Your family is also a Corellian family that holds many of the Corellian Jedi traditions.

Prerequisite: Human or Near-Human

Legacy Destiny: If you have The Legacy Destiny, you can spend a Destiny Point as a Free Action to automatically treat any skill check made to activate a Mind-Affecting effect as though you had rolled a 20 on the check.

Additional Halcyon/Horn Legacy Data Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

The Halcyon bloodline illustrates one of the unique ways that The Force can manifest itself within a family. Members of the Halcyon bloodline have great difficulty manifesting Telekinetic Force Powers.

Characters of this Legacy should rarely choose Force Powers with the [Telekinetic] descriptor, or Force Talents that enhance such powers. To make up for this deficiency, members of the Halcyon bloodline gravitate toward Force Powers with the [Mind-Affecting] descriptor and Force Talents that create Illusions.

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