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The Conner Ship Systems HX2 Antipersonnel Mine was popular with ARC troopers during the Clone Wars, and it is still in widespread use during the Galactic Civil War a generation later. It has a powerful adhesive disc that allows it to be attached easily to walls, underneath Vehicles, and so forth.

There are two ways to deploy the HX2 Mine: Carefully emplaced using the Mechanics Skill, or dropped or Thrown a short distance. If carefully emplaced (A Full-Round Action; see Handle Explosives), the Mine can also be hidden (Stealth check, adding +15 size modifier of the Mine) to reduce the likelihood that it is detected by enemy infantry. The Mine arms itself 6 seconds later, at the end of your next turn. The Mine will detonate if it detects a target within 1 square (Perception +10). Make an attack roll (1d20+10) against the Reflex Defense of every creature and object in the blast radius. (Any creature or object to which the Mine is attached is hit automatically.) If the attack succeeds, the creature or object takes full damage. If the attack misses, the creature or object takes half damage.

If dropped (A Swift Action) or Thrown (A Standard Action), no Mechanics check is necessary. However, the Mine is less accurate (Attack roll 1d20+0), and it will not arm itself until it detects no targets within 1 square. This built-in safety feature makes the Mine useless as an improvised Grenade, but it does prevent premature detonation. A dropped or Thrown HX2 Mine can be detected with a successful DC 15 Perception check.

A HX2 Antipersonnel Mine has a Burst radius of 4 squares.

Weapon Type: Mines

Size: Small

Cost: 750

Damage: 6d6

Weight: 1 Kilogram

Type: Energy

Availability: Military

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