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The Golan Arms HH-15 Projectile Launcher is commonly used by Rebel Vanguards. Though old and somewhat outdated, it is still dependable and potent enough to crack through enemy fortifications. The shoulder-fired rocket launcher can launch various payloads (Most often an armor-piercing shell), and its rugged design is capable of operating in extreme climates and conditions. While lacking the more sophisticated targeting systems found on Imperial missile launchers, it can acquire a target lock if the operator aims before making an attack. (See Missiles and Torpedoes)

The HH-15 is a Splash weapon with penetration 10 (Ignoring the first 10 points of the primary target's DR or SR). Unlike more common antipersonnel missile launchers, the HH-15 is optimized for antiarmor duty. Its detonation is compact and less prone to causing collateral damage, but making it less useful against concentrations of enemy infantry.

A HH-15 Projectile Launcher holds a single missile in its chamber; it must be reloaded after being fired. Replacement missiles cost 100 credits and weigh 2 kg each.

Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Size: Large

Cost: 2000

Damage: 6d6

Stun Setting: NO

Rate of Fire: Single-Shot

Weight: 12 Kilograms

Type: Energy

Availability: Military

Special: This is an Area Attack Weapon.

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