Grenade Launchers are military weapons that greatly improve the range of Grenades. Grenades fired by Grenade Launchers always explode on impact, regardless of Timers or other considerations. The type of Grenade used determined the damage, type, and burst radius. Grenade Launchers cannot be used to hurl Thermal Detonators because these devices are simply too big and heavy (Although some larger Mortar Launchers can hurl dedicated Thermal Mortar Shells instead).

A Grenade Launcher can hold up to four Grenades at a time, and has to be reloaded as a Full-Round Action. A Grenade Launcher can be mounted on a Rifle (This takes 1 minute, and requires a DC 15 Mechanics check), or used as a separate weapon.

Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Size: Medium

Cost: 500

Damage: Varies based on Grenade used

Stun Setting: Varies based on Grenade used

Rate of Fire: Single-Shot

Weight: 5 Kilograms

Type: Varies based on Grenade used

Availability: Military

Inaccurate: This weapon cannot fire at targets at Long Range.

Special: Due to the nature of its ammunition, a Grenade Launcher is an Area Attack Weapon.

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