Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: GaW Bases and Battlestations, Gravity

Using artificial gravity generators, the crew can alter the Gravity in a section of the Battlestation, trapping intruders by turning the most basic of natural laws against them. A Gravity Trap can increase the Gravity in an area, slowing movement and increasing Falling Damage, or it can reverse the Gravity in a given section, causing creatures to fall toward the ceiling and take damage based on the distance traveled (Equal to the height of the room). A trap can even eliminate Gravity completely in a section of the Battlestation.

Gravity Traps can be disabled by gaining control of the artificial gravity generators, which are considered part of the Life Support Systems on most Battlestations. A Gravity Trap affects all creatures in the specified area and does not discriminate between intruders and station personnel.

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