Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Web Enhancements (Star Wars Miniatures Previews)

The Golan Arms Blast Cannon, colloquially known as the "Blaster Shotgun," is a devastating close-quarters Weapon often issued to Death Star Gunners and engineers to aid them in repelling an attack on their positions. It fires multiple individual blaster shots in a spread with a single pull of the trigger. At very close ranges, all of these shots will usually hit the same target (With devastating results), and at larger ranges, the spread of the shots deals damage to multiple targets.

The Golan Arms Blast Cannon is very difficult to use properly, so the wielder takes a -5 penalty on their attack roll if they do not have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Golan Arms Blast Cannon) Feat. Although the Blast Cannon has the same Range as a Pistol, it's wielder does not take penalties on the attack roll due to Range. Instead, apply Range penalties to damage rolls. Against an adjacent target, the Golan Arms Blast Cannon does an extra 1d8 points of damage due to having so many blaster shots concentrated in such a small space.

In addition, because this Weapon produces a spread of multiple individual blaster shots, it functions as a Splash Weapon (1-square radius) whenever it is used against a nonadjacent target.

A Golan Arms Blast Cannon requires a Power Pack to operate. After 5 shots, the Power Pack must be replaced.

Weapon Type: Exotic Weapons (Ranged)

Size: Large

Cost: 2000

Damage: 3d8 (See above)

Stun Setting: NO

Rate of Fire: Single-Shot

Weight: 6 Kilograms

Type: Energy

Availability: Military, Rare

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