Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

You have learned the tricks of fighting in the gladiatorial arena. These Talents represent your knowledge of this specialized combination of combat and showmanship.

Brutal Attack Edit

Prerequisite: Weapon Focus (Chosen Weapon)

Choose a single weapon with which you posses the Weapon Focus Feat. Attacks with such weapons that deal damage (Including doubling damage from a critical hit) exceeding an opponent's Damage Threshold deals +1 die of damage on that attack.

You can select this Talent multiple times. Each time you select this Talent, it applies to a different weapon.

Call Out Edit

Prerequisite: Personal Vendetta

When you use the Personal Vendetta Talent, you may designate one target of that Talent to take a -5 penalty to attacks against targets other than you, instead of the normal -2 penalty.

Distracting Attack Edit

Prerequisite: Brutal Attack (Chosen Weapon)

When you deal damage to a target with a melee or ranged attack, compare the attack roll to the targets' Will Defense. If the attack roll also meets or exceeds the target's Will Defense, the target takes a -2 penalty to their Reflex Defense until the end of your next turn.

Exotic Weapons Master Edit

Prerequisite: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Any)

You treat all Exotic Weapons as a single weapon group. If you already have Feats or Talents that grant you proficiency with, or augment the use of, one Exotic Weapon, those Feats now apply to all Exotic Weapons. For example, if you already had Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Shyarn), and Weapon Focus (Shyarn), you are now proficient with, and possess the Weapon Focus Feat for, all Exotic Weapons.

Lockdown Strike Edit

When you hit a moving opponent that is one size category larger or smaller than you with an Attack of Opportunity, you immediately end it's current movement.

Multiattack Proficiency (Exotic Weapons) Edit

Prerequisite: Exotic Weapons Master

Whenever you make multiple attacks with Exotic Weapons as a Full Attack Action, you reduce the penalty on your attack rolls by 2 points.

You can take this Talent multiple times; each time you take this Talent, you reduce the penalty on your attack rolls by an additional 2 points.

Personal Vendetta Edit

As a Swift Action, you can taunt all opponents within 12 squares and line of sight; on their next turn, these opponents take a -2 penalty on attack rolls made against any target other than you.

This is a Mind-Affecting effect.

Unstoppable Edit

You can sometimes shrug off the effect of debilitating attacks. Once per encounter, if you are hit by an attack that would normally knock you down the Condition Track, you can reduce the number of steps you move down the Condition Track by 1 step (To a minimum of 0).

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