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These Allies and Opponents can fit in many roles, in a variety of organizations. Such units can be used for nearly any type of encounter, from an ally ambush to a corrupt law office.

General Units[edit | edit source]

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Saga Edition Core Rulebook

Thug CL 0 A common crook, or low-level enforcer.

Threats of the Galaxy

Varactyl Handler CL 0 Utai animal trainers, famous for their success with Varactyls.
Brute CL 1 An enforcer to gangs or corporations.
Bureaucrat CL 1 A low-level administrative officer, pushing papers for more important government personnel.
Doctor CL 1 A medical professional, usually trained in the Treat Injury skill.
Emergency Crew CL 1 Personnel trained to respond to Starship damage with quick fixes and jury-rigging.
Technician CL 1 Technicians are characters who maintain and modify existing technol­ogy.
Trader CL 1 Merchants and salesmen, peddling their goods to prospective clients.
Engineer CL 2 Engineers are skilled technicians who specialize in the construction, maintenance, and modification of machines.
Security Personnel CL 2 Common security agents, both as law enforcement officers and private security.
Soldier CL 2 Planetary troopers with basic military training.
Diplomat CL 3 Trained negotiators, working on behalf of governments, corporates, or enevn underworld organizations.
Medic CL 3 Trained field medics with rudimentary combat training.
Mercenary Scout CL 3 Trailblazers and reconnaissance units, spearheading mercenary assaults.
Mercenary Soldier CL 3 The main muscle of mercenary bands, hired out in wars to those who will pay.
Gambler CL 4 A high-stakes player constantly rubbing elbows with the upper-class.
Mercenary Heavy Infantry CL 4 Grizzled veterans of large mercenary companies, with heavier armor and weaponry.
Information Broker CL 5 Neutral infochants, trades secrets and data for credits and favors.
Mercenary Captain CL 5 Shred negotiators and boisterous leaders of mercenary bands, often a reflection of their own troops.
Mystic CL 5 Force-users on distant worlds, lacking the formal training of Force Traditions.
Security Specialist CL 5 Elite guards with extensive experience and training. Proficient in close-quarters combat.
Starfighter Pilot CL 5 Experienced professionals in Vehicle operations.
Bodyguard CL 6 Personal guard to a wealthy or powerful individual.
Commando CL 6 Special Operations soldier.
Soldier Commander CL 6 Field commanders leading martial troops towards military objectives.
Twi'lek Saboteur CL 6 Professional saboteurs, often working for corporate entities in rival sabotage.
Martial Artist CL 7 Unarmed specialists, eschewing the use of ranged weapons.
Ship Gunner CL 7 Trained Weapon Systems operator, critical to the operation of most Starships.
Spy CL 7 Skilled infiltrators, using bribery, blackmail, and stealth to obtain secret information.
Officer CL 8 Field commanders, leading by example on the frontlines.
Saboteur CL 8 Expert in destroying all forms of machinery.
Primitive Dark Side Adept CL 9 Dark Force-users in desolate worlds, stewing in their aggression and ambition.
Tribal Shaman CL 9 Spiritual mystic usually found in more primitive societies.
Commando Squad Leader CL 10 Leader of a small group of Special Operations soldiers.
Elite Soldier CL 10 Vanguards of of army platoons.
Elite Starfighter Pilot CL 10 Elite pilots represent those veteran squadrons of starfighters whose names are spread throughout the galaxy.
Intelligence Officer CL 10 Interrogators and specialized analysts, often working closely with Spies.
Veteran Politician CL 11 Experienced Senators and masterful negotiators.
Ship Captain CL 13 Commanders of Capital Ships, leading their crew into battle with tactical prowess.
Ace Starfighter Pilot CL 14 Legendary pilots capable of flying circles around most pilots.
Elite Commando CL 14 Elite Special Operations soldier.
Elite Warrior CL 14 Experienced veteran of multiple military campaigns.
Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Jawa Scavenger CL 2 Shifty mechanics and shady salesmen with a penchant for scrapping "Abandoned" electronics.

Scum and Villainy

Security Guard CL 1 Entry-level security personnel in private establishments.
Security Officer CL 1 Low-level members of law enforcement.
Hooligan CL 2 Typical street trash, looking to score spice and a fight wherever they go.
Brawler CL 5 Brawlers are often fighters in illegal (Or at least shadowy) fighting sports or enforcers for mid-level criminals
Enforcer CL 5 Something in between legitimate law officers and common thugs.
Security Specialist CL 5 Crisis response teams and VIP bodyguard units.
Data Slicer CL 7 Governments and assorted law-enforcement employed computer experts to write and slice code.
Fixer CL 7 Underworld contacts and procurement specialists, holding more and more prominence the greater the galactic corruption.
Inspector CL 7 Inspectors, including customs inspectors and detectives, represent the top tier of law enforcement.
Space Transport Pilot CL 7 Individuals ranging from smugglers to honest merchants to gunboat captains.

Galaxy at War

Ambusher CL 2 Trained veterans, specializing in surprise attacks and ambushes.
Field Medic CL 2 A member of the medical staff, with only minimal combat training.
Army Soldier CL 3 A common soldier, working closely with their fellow comrades.
Ambusher Officer CL 5 An old veteran, leading their hidden forces to victory.

Web Enhancements

Jawa Trader CL 1 Scrappers known for their differing opinions on what "Abandoned" entails.
Prisoner CL 1 Nonheroic technicians, civilians, and other captured personnel.
Dug Fringer CL 3 Unsavory fringers, with a particular bone to pick with the Gran.
Duros Scoundrel CL 3 Freighter pilots and shipwrights, prevalent throughout known space.
Ewok Scout CL 3 While uncommon, some Ewoks travel off Endor as smugglers.
Prisoner Squad CL 3 A group of Nonheroic technicians, civilians, and other captured personnel.
Mercenary Commander CL 5 Mercenaries known for their toughness and ability to rally their irregular troops.
Zabrak Engineer CL 7 Engineers are skilled technicians who specialize in the construction, maintenance, and modification of machines.

Homebrew Content

Detention Guard CL 2 Prison wardens, keeping the scum and villainy behind bars.
Caarite Soldier CL 3 An average Caarite trooper, trained in basic combat.
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