Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Gas Grenades deploy an airborne chemical agent that can render unprotected creatures unconscious. A Gas Grenade bursts on contact after being thrown, taking effect in the same round in which it is hurled.

When you make an Area Attack with a Gas Grenade, you make a single attack roll and compare the result to the Fortitude Defense of every target in the Grenade's 4-square Burst radius. Creatures you hit move -2 steps down the Condition Track; creatures you miss are unaffected. A target with the Evasion Talent moves only -1 step down the Condition Track if hit by the Grenade. Creatures protected from Atmospheric Hazards are unaffected by the attack of a Gas Grenade.

Additionally, the area of the blast is filled with gas, providing Concealment to all creatures within the Burst radius whether or not a creature is affected by the initial blast; likewise, all targets outside the Burst radius have Concealment from any creature within the Burst radius. The gas persists until the end of the attacker's next turn, at which point it dissipates.

Weapon Type: Grenades

Size: Tiny

Cost: 250

Damage: -

Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

Type: -

Availability: Military

Special: This is an Area Attack Weapon.

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