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The Gand Findsmen are an ancient order of Force-sensitive Bounty Hunters that interpret the signs and portents they receive as a result of the complex ceremonies they perform. Typically, only Gand can take these Talents, though under some circumstances a Gamemaster may allow a Force-sensitive member of another Species to take these Talents as the character's story permits. Regardless, a character must posses the Force Sensitivity Feat to select any of the following Talents.

Findsman Ceremonies Edit

Prerequisite: Force Sensitivity Feat

Once per day, you can spend 10 minutes performing rituals that enhance your connection with The Force, receiving visions and portents as a result. At that time, you can spend any number of Force Points in the performance of the ritual, up to the total number you have remaining. For the remainder of the day, whenever you make a Perception or Stealth check, make a Use the Force check to use the Farseeing Force Power, or make an attack roll, you can choose to reroll that check, but must accept to the results of the reroll, even if it is worse. You may do this a number of times per day equal to the number of Force Points you spent during the casting of the ritual. At the end of the day, you regain Force Points equal to the number of rerolls you have remaining.

Findsman's Foresight Edit

Prerequisite: Findsman Ceremonies Talent

The visions you receive sometimes provide clues about dangerous situations. Whenever you make a Perception check to avoid Surprise, you may roll twice, keeping the better of the two results.

Omens Edit

Prerequisite: Findsman Ceremonies Talent

You see Omens in both success and failure. Whenever an ally within 10 squares and line of sight of you rolls a Natural 1 or a Natural 20 on an attack roll, you gain a +2 insight bonus to either your next attack roll made before the end of your next turn, or a +2 insight bonus to your Reflex Defense until the end of your next turn (Your choice).

Target Visions Edit

Prerequisite: Findsman Ceremonies Talent

You have visions that tell you what your enemies are likely to do even before they do it. Once per encounter, when an enemy creature moves within 6 squares of you, you may make a melee or ranged attack against that target as a Reaction to their movement.

Temporal Awareness Edit

Prerequisite: Findsman Ceremonies Talent

Timing is crucial to a Findsman. Once per encounter, as a Reaction to any enemy's attack, you can move up to your speed.

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