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This article lists notable characters of The Galactic Alliance and their relevant eras within the Star Wars universe.

The New Jedi Order Era Edit

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Jedi Academy Training Manual

Luke Skywalker, Grand Master CL 20 Luke Skywalker at the height of his powers, during The New Jedi Order Era.
Galaxy of Intrigue
Belindi Kalenda CL 8 Director of New Republic Intelligence in the latter years of the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion.

Web Enhancements

Mara Jade, Jedi CL 14
Han Solo, Galactic Hero CL 19
Homebrew Content
Leia Organa Solo, Ex-Chief of State CL 15 Retired hero of the Rebellion and New Republic.

The Legacy Era Edit

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Legacy Era Campaign Guide

Nu Toreena CL 4 A member of the Triumvirate prior to the Battle of Caamas, Nu Toreena is largely blamed for her support of the battle plan, ending her political career.
Anj Dahl CL 8 An energetic member of Rogue Squadron, Anj Dahl is a misfit even among her fellow squadmates, constantly creating trouble for her own amusement.
Monia Gahan CL 8 Neice to Gial Gahan, Monia Gahan escapes Mon Calamari following the theft of The Imperious and joins Rogue Squadron.
Ronto CL 8 A reckless member of Rogue Squadron, survives being shot down over Mon Calamari, escaping with Monia Gahan.
Andurgo CL 9 A member of the current iteration of Rogue Squadron, Andurgo is one of the few Dugs to leave Malastare.
Bail Antilles CL 10 An elected member of the Triumvirate, Bail Antilles is usted from his post following the Battle of Caamas.
Hondo Karr CL 10 A former Mandalorian Stormtrooper, Hondo Karr kills his Sith Lord commander and later joins Rogue Squadron.
Jhoram Bey CL 12 Commander Jhoram Bey leads Rogue Squadron following the Battle of Caamas.
Jaius Yorub CL 13 Captain Jaius Yorub serves as Admiral Stazi's second-in-command until the attack on Mon Calamari, where Jaius sacrifices himself to save the fleet.
Gial Gahan CL 14 A former member of the Triumvirate, Gial Gahan returns to Mon Calamari to create The Mon Calamari Resistance following the Imperial takeover.
Kol Skywalker CL 14 Descendant of the Skywalker line, Kol Skywalker serves on the Jedi Council during The Sith-Imperial War, but ultimately falls during the Ossus massacre.
Admiral Stazi CL 16 The commander of the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet, Admiral Stazi's tactical mind has allowed the Alliance Remnants to survive for as long as they have.
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