Even those who don't believe in The Force and aren't particularly attuned to its flow can call upon The Force without understanding exactly what they are doing. When a stroke of luck occurs, or fate seems to be on your side and helps you accomplish a difficult objective, it could be The Force coming to your aid. In game terms, the expenditure of Force Points by non-Force-using characters represents this unconscious, tenuous connection to the Force that all living things share. When a Force-using character calls on The Force this way, he or she knows exactly what's happening.

The most prominent and well-known Force-users in the galaxy are The Jedi. However, The Jedi are not the only ones who have learned to manipulate The Force. Other Force-users sometimes attribute their abilities to sources other than The Force, such as magic or gods, but they are all using the energy to manipulate the world around them. In game terms, anyone with the Force Sensitivity Feat has the ability to master the Use the Force skill and learn Force Powers, though many of these beings will never go down this particular path.

Other Force-using Traditions include Dark Side cults (Such as The Sith), and obscure, isolated sects such as The Witches of Dathomir and The Sorcerers of Tund. Some know The Force for what it is but approach its use in a different way from The Jedi. Others know The Force by a different name. Either way, it remains the mystic energy that binds the galaxy together and gives Force-users their powers.

Membership: The conditions for being considered a member of a given Force Tradition are outlined in the description. A character may be a member of more than one Force Tradition, but this is uncommon.

The Jedi N/A Defenders of the Republic, wielding the Light Side to combat their rival tradition, The Sith. N/A
The Sith N/A Fallen Jedi who wield the Dark Side to conquer and take what they want. N/A
The Jensaarai Jensaarai Defender Talent Tree Stalwart protectors of their homes and families, wielding the Light and the Dark in tandem. N/A
The Witches of Dathomir Dathomiri Witch Talent Tree Primitive witches who wield The Force in its raw, unfiltered state. Female; Native to the planet Dathomir

Additional Force Traditions Edit

The mysteries and manipulations of The Force have never been solely the province of The Jedi and The Sith. These two groups dominate the galactic stage for thousands of years, but many worlds and cultures establish their own traditions based on their own cultures and understanding of The Force. Unlike The Jedi and The Sith, these Force-Using Traditions rarely seek dominance of all Force teaching.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide Edit

The mysteries and manipulations of The Force have never been solely the province of The Jedi and The Sith. These two groups dominate the galactic stage for thousands of years, but many worlds and cultures establish their own traditions based on their own cultures and understanding of The Force. Unlike the Jedi and Sith, these Force Traditions rarely seek dominance of all Force teaching.

In The Old Republic Era, most Jedi view non-Jedi traditions as misguided at best, or downright threatening if the tradition embraces The Dark Side. As always, Dark Side threats are sought out and eliminated where possible. Other Force Traditions are tolerated, even embraced, especially when The Jedi believe they can learn something new. However, The Jedi still attempt to convert practitioners of these other Force Traditions to The Jedi Order.

The Sith, on the other hand, attempt to dominate all other Force Traditions. Exactly how they view a specific Force Tradition depends on the strength of The Sith. When The Sith number in the thousands, such as during The Great Sith War, they attempt to eradicate all other Force Traditions. They corrupt and convert those open to their teachings, and eliminate all others. When The Sith numbers are reduced, or are operating under Darth Bane's Rule of Two, they rarely take on another Force Tradition directly. However, they might still attempt to recruit apprentices from these Force Traditions.

In The Old Republic Era, many more Force Traditions are operating throughout the galaxy than in the classic era. Practitioners of these Force Traditions are most likely found on their homeworlds, or within their home cultures. However, individual practitioners might travel to other worlds on occasion.

The Jal Shey Jal Shey Talent Tree The Jal Shey is one of the oldest known Force Traditions, an one of the most wide-ranging. Unlike other traditions, the Jal Shey study The Force from an intellectual, scientific point of view, rather than a spiritual journey. N/A
The Keetael Keetael Talent Tree On the Draethos homeworld of Thosa, warriors and hunters dominate the culture. Unsurprisingly, the Draethos Force Tradition of Keetael uses The Force to increase fighting and hunting prowess. Member of the Draethos Species
The Krath Krath Talent Tree The Krath are a Sith-inspired organization created by the cousins Satal and Aleema Keto, heirs to the Empress Teta System (Formally the Koros System of the Unification Wars). N/A
The Luka Sene Luka Sene Talent Tree Members of the Luka Sene participate in all aspects of society and all fields. Most have only small degrees of increased sensitivity, which they use to improve their own lives, careers, and Miraluka society. Member of the Miraluka Species
The Mecrosa Order N/A A secret society of assassins and spies based on Nyssa, putting the greater good of House Mecetti above all else. Native to the Tapani Sector
The Order of Shasa Order of Shasa Talent Tree The Order of Shasa is a new Force Tradition, formed just after the end of the Jedi Civil War. Named for its founder, the Order developed a doctrine of peace and defense, to protect themselves from Sith influence. Member of the Selkath Species; Native to the planet Manaan

Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Edit

The Agents of Ossus Agent of Ossus Talent Tree Repositories of knowledge, these agents are a collection of scholars that grew during the Dark Times, collecting and save knowledge before the Empire could eradicate it. N/A
The Felucian Shamans Felucian Shaman Talent Tree Felucians that are skilled at manipulating The Living Force to help defend themselves and their fellow Felucians from outside threats. Member of the Felucian Species

Scum and Villainy Edit

The Sable Dawn N/A The Sable Dawn's stock in trade is murder- plain and simple. Whether assassination, collecting high-stakes bounties, or supporting terrorist operations, The Sable Dawn has done it all. N/A

Clone Wars Campaign Guide Edit

Even though The Jedi are the most prominent and well-known users of The Force in the galaxy during the Clone Wars, they are not the only ones who know how to manipulate The Force. Other Force-using traditions exist and ascribe the source of their powers to other sources, such as magic or a deity, but they all use the same source of energy to accomplish the desired effect when they call upon that power. Basically, anyone with the Force Sensitivity Feat has the capability to utilize the Use the Force Skill and learn Force Powers, even though they might not follow the path of a Force-user.

During the Clone Wars, other traditions that use The Force include Dark Side sects such as The Sith as well as little known factions such as The Korunnai. Others know The Force as it is but approach its use from a different direction and purpose than The Jedi. Still others call The Force by a totally different name. Regardless of the approach, The Force remains the same and is the one constant that ties these organizations together.

The Bando Gora Bando Gora Captain Talent Tree A band of Dark Side cultits, functioning more as a criminal organization than a Force Tradition. Dark Side Score of 1+
The Believers Believer Disciple Talent Tree A Dark Side faction harkening back to the ancient days of the Sith order, before Darth Bane's creation of the rule of two. Dark Side Score of 1+
The Korunnai Korunnai Adept Talent Tree A tribe of nomads residing on the world of Haruun Kal, The Korunnai often bond with native Beasts and nature to center themselves. Native to the planet Haruun Kal

Legacy Era Campaign Guide Edit

Although The Sith, The Imperial Knights, and the shattered fragments of The Jedi take center stage in The Legacy Era, there is still plenty of room for other Force Traditions. Force-using traditions on the fringe of society are largely ignored by the powers that be, and thus have plenty of opportunities to thrive and expand their influence.

The following two Force Traditions are suitable for use in a campaign set in The Legacy Era. Although these traditions are predominantly unaligned, one tradition- The Disciples of Twilight- is more appropriate for player characters than the other- The Ember of Vahl. Players may choose to play characters who are members of The Ember of Vahl at their Gamemaster's discretion.

The Disciples of Twilight Disciple of Twilight Talent Tree Shadowy Force-users, bending the light and dark to hide themselves from others. N/A
The Ember of Vahl Ember of Vahl Talent Tree Dark force users that worship their fiery goddess of destruction Vahl. Member of the Vahla Species
The Imperial Knights N/A The Imperial Knights are a small organization that serves Emperor Roan Fel. Must be a sworn defender of Emperor Roan Fel

Jedi Academy Training Manual Edit

The Jedi and The Sith are just two of the many Force Traditions found throughout the galaxy. Every sentient Species with the ability to utilize The Force has its own groups and philosophies, although only a tiny fraction have been documented by The Jedi Order. Young students are taught about some of these groups, to show the various ways that The Force manifests itself in the galaxy and how it's expressed by different cultures.

The different programs described here are included to show some of the alternate beliefs, thoughts, and techniques practices by outlying traditions. Although many of these groups have similar agendas as The Jedi, most have unique requirements for entry that prevent large numbers of students from joining. For example, entry into The Baran Do Sages is limited to Kel Dor initiates with sensitivity to The Force. Over the millenia, The Jedi have set up "Exchange Programs" with some of these groups, sending both students and Jedi Masters alike to study these alternate traditions and learn from them. The Jedi do their best to shield students from some of the more controversial beliefs, but realize that part of understanding The Force, particularly The Dark Side, is to ask questions and witness different beliefs firsthand.

The Aing-Tii Monks Aing-Tii Monk Talent Tree The Aing-Tii Monks are mysterious masters of "Flow-Walking," as well as practitioners of bending space through The Force. Special
The Baran Do Sages Baran Do Sage Talent Tree Ancient advisors to the Kel Dor people, The Baran Do Sages were largely absorbed by the Jedi order until their subsequent purge, after which The Baran Do Sages grew back into their former glory. Member of the Kel Dor Species
The Blackguard Blackguard Wilder Talent Tree A Dark Side cult, splintered from The Sith during the late stages of The Republic Dark Age. Native to the planet Mustafar
The Fallanassi White Current Adept Talent Tree Followers of "The White Current," The Fallanassi are an isolationist group, with Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo being the only outsiders known to have spent any length of time with them. Special
The Iron Knights Iron Knight Talent Tree Sentient Crystals inserted into Droid bodies, The Iron Knights can often be mistaken for Force-sensitive Droids, a misconception that plagues the Shard people. Member of the Shard Species
The Matukai Matukai Adept Talent Tree A seclusive group of Force-using martial artists, The Matukai rarely involved themselves in galactic affairs, choosing instead to practice their arts. N/A
The Prophets of the Dark Side N/A An organization of Force-sensitive seers, founded by Palpatine to hunt down the last survivors of The Jedi Order. Visions or Farseeing
The Seyugi Dervishes Seyugi Dervish Talent Tree An organization of Force-sensitive assassins, The Seyugi Dervishes employ Unarmed combat and their skill with The Force to stealthily complete their contracts. N/A
The Shapers of Kro Var Shaper of Kro Var Talent Tree The Shapers of Kro Var channel The Force into showy displays of power that are keyed to the four classic elements of nature- air, earth, fire, and water. Native to the planet Kro Var
The Tyia Tyia Adept Talent Tree A peaceful sect of Force-users, The Tyia were one of the few Force Traditions to openly practice their art during the reign of the Empire. N/A
The Wardens of the Sky Warden of the Sky Talent Tree The Wardens of the Sky are a group of vigilante Force-user who patrol the hyperspace lanes, keeping them safe from pirates and other wrongdoers. N/A
The Zeison Sha Zeison Sha Warrior Talent Tree Believing themselves to have been "Abandoned" by the Jedi order, The Zeison Sha made themselves self-sufficient and adaptable to the ways of The Force. N/A

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide Edit

The Kilian Rangers Kilian Ranger Talent Tree Investigators and guardians of Kilia IV, aiding the people with mastery of both The Force and intuition. Native to the planet Kilia IV

Unknown Regions Edit

The Blazing Chain Blazing Chain Talent Tree Nomadic raiders, using The Force to bolster their fleet's versatility and combat capabilities. N/A

Web Enhancements Edit

The Sorcerers of Tund N/A The secret of the universe- its professed possession is no small claim. But beyond Republic space, an entire people allege just that. Member of the Sith Offshoot, Massassi, or Kissai Species

Homebrew Force Traditions Edit

The following include all Force Traditions created through Homebrew Content.

The Chalactan Adepts Chalactan Adept Talent Tree The Chalactan Adepts are a spiritual order originating from the mid-rim world of Chalacta. Its followers believe that the natural order that guides the universe also directs and shapes the lives of all those that inhabit it. Dark Side Score of 1 or less
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