Force Techniques represent a deeper understanding of The Force and, like material skills, usually come with years of practice. A few gifted or devoted Force-users learn to master them more quickly. In general, Force Techniques are only available to characters with levels in certain Force-using Prestige Classes (Such as Force Adept, Jedi Knight, and Sith Apprentice).

Whenever you gain access to a new Force Technique, select it from the following list. Once selected, a Force Technique cannot be changed.

Additional Force Techniques[edit | edit source]

The below Force Techniques include all Force Techniques present in all Star Wars Saga Edition Add-ons.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

This section presents new Force Techniques used specifically by this era. Some of these Force Techniques can be available to characters in other eras, at the Gamemaster's discretion. Many of these Force Techniques are powerful compared with some of the Force Techniques used in the classic era, so the Gamemaster should carefully consider which ones to allow.

Force Unleashed Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Clone Wars Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Legacy Era Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Jedi Academy Training Manual[edit | edit source]

Homebrew Force Techniques[edit | edit source]

The following Homebrew Force Techniques contain Homebrew Techniques compatible with Saga Edition. They may be used only with the Gamemaster's express permission.

New Jedi Order Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook[edit | edit source]

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