When a character who has the Force Sensitivity Feat would normally gain a Talent (Such as from advancing to an odd-numbered level in a Heroic Class), he or she can instead select a Force Talent from among those from a Force Talent Tree. If a character who has the Force Sensitivity Feat is a member of a Force Tradition, he or she can instead select a Force Talent from that tradition's individual Force Talent Tree.

The Force Disciple, Jedi Master, and Sith Lord Prestige Classes all state that they can select Talents from any Force Talent Tree. A Force Talent Tree is any Talent Tree that isn't limited to a particular Heroic Class or Prestige Class and require the Force Sensitivity Feat to access its Talents. This means that the Talent Trees belonging to the various Force Traditions are considered Force Talent Trees, as they are non-class specific but require Force Sensitivity to access.

Force Talent Trees List[edit | edit source]

The following Force Talent Trees are available in the Saga Edition Roleplaying Game:

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Alter Talent Tree The Force grants you considerable power over your environment as well as others around you.
Control Talent Tree You have learned how to regulate your own body systems, control your emotions, and channel The Force.
Dark Side Talent Tree The path to the Dark Side of The Force is the quick and easy path, granting amazing power but forever dominating the destines of those in it's grasp.
Sense Talent Tree Your attunement to The Force grants you uncanny powers of perception.
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Light Side Talent Tree The Light Side of The Force is not the easiest course to follow, but it's promise of peace and harmony can help even the most weak-willed of Force-users on the right path.
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Guardian Spirit Talent Tree You have a spirit watching over you, providing advice and continuing your training in The Force. Although Force Spirits cannot physically aid you, their guidance is critical to your success.

Force Tradition Talent Trees List[edit | edit source]

The following Force Tradition Talent Trees are available in the Saga Edition Roleplaying Game:

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Jensaarai Defender Talent Tree The Jensaarai The Jensaarai walk a thin line between light and darkness, using the teachings of both the Jedi and the Sith to create their own unique traditions.
Dathomiri Witch Talent Tree The Witches of Dathomir The Force-using witches of the planet Dathomir are primitive yet powerful beings. They use ancient training handed down for generations as the basis of their powers.
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Jal Shey Talent Tree The Jal Shey The Jal Shey concentrate on studying The Force, improving their diplomacy, and applying their teachings to their trappings.
Keetael Talent Tree The Keetael The Keetael learn to efficiently and secretively manipulate The Force in combat. Because of their long lives, they gain certain advantages when attempting to view the past through The Force.
Krath Talent Tree The Krath The Krath specialize in experimenting with the Dark Side and Sith Sorcery.
Luka Sene Talent Tree The Luka Sene The Luka Sene build upon their natural Miralukan sense-based abilities.
Order of Shasa Talent Tree The Order of Shasa The Order of Shasa is still developing training techniques and abilities, taking most of their influence from Manaan's oceans.
Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Agent of Ossus Talent Tree The Agents of Ossus The Agents of Ossus are urban Force-users who specialize in using their powers to survive in the cities and towns at the center of civilization. Their proximity to Imperial authority necessitates both discretion and creativity among their members.
Felucian Shaman Talent Tree The Felucian Shamans Felucian Shamans learn to manipulate their natural aptitude with The Force and amplify their inherent powers in a variety of ways.
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Bando Gora Captain Talent Tree The Bando Gora The cultists of The Bando Gora have a reputation for being merciless, and you are no exception.
Believer Disciple Talent Tree The Believers The Believers follow the teachings of The Sith from ancient times and strive to extend the influence of the Dark Side of The Force.
Korunnai Adept Talent Tree The Korunnai You have learned to use Pelekotan to survive in the jungles of Haruun Kal and have bonded with an Akk Dog, which serves you faithfully.
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Disciple of Twilight Talent Tree The Disciples of Twilight The Disciples of Twilight embody shadow, using The Force to manipulate light and darkness.
Ember of Vahl Talent Tree The Ember of Vahl Members of Vahl's cult look to their goddess for inspiration. Over the years, they have developed talents that slant toward the destructive.
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Aing-Tii Monk Talent Tree The Aing-Tii Monks The Aing-Tii Monks have an understanding of The Force that is different from The Jedi and most other Force Traditions. The Force has many more aspects than just a Light Side and a Dark Side, and it is most useful for facilitating freedom of travel.
Baran Do Sage Talent Tree The Baran Do Sages Kel Dor who become Baran Do Sages are contemplative and insightful, using The Force to unravel the skeins of the past, present, and future to determine the best course of action. They are masters of Farseeing and other Sense-related Force abilities, making them excellent as both investigators and advisors.
Iron Knight Talent Tree The Iron Knights The Iron Knights are truly unique, in that they are silicon-based creatures that use Droids as their physical bodies to interact with the galaxy. As a result, they view and utilize The Force in ways that seem unusual to The Jedi. Most of their powers involve their ability to affect Droids and other machinery.
Matukai Adept Talent Tree The Matukai All Matukai strive to achieve harmony between the physical and the spiritual aspects of their lives. As a result, they find ways to use The Force in improve their bodies.
Seyugi Dervish Talent Tree The Seyugi Dervishes Seyugi Dervishes are masters of Unarmed combat augmented by their control over The Force, and they traditionally hire themselves out as contract assassins. Their Force abilities allow them to move unseen and to make devastating, lightning-quick assaults on their targets.
Shaper of Kro Var Talent Tree The Shapers of Kro Var The Shapers of Kro Var are deeply in touch with the four classic elements of air, earth, fire, and water. They use The Force to manipulate these elements at a fundamental level, creating impressive effects, such as ripping stone, walls of solid wind, and gouts of flame. The Talents listed here are a small fraction of the "Spells" that these primitive Force-users are capable of using.
Tyia Adept Talent Tree The Tyia The masters of The Tyia seek out harmony while eschewing discord. A Tyia Adept connects to The Force in search of unity, and attempts to align their body and their spirit with the galaxy.
Warden of the Sky Talent Tree The Wardens of the Sky Wardens of the Sky use a combination of martial arts and Force Powers to help keep the space lanes safe. As a Warden of the Sky, you rely on nothing more than your own body to serve as a weapon against predators.
White Current Adept Talent Tree The Fallanassi The White Current guides The Fallanassi to use its power to benefit everything and everyone around them, as well as to protect themselves. Those who succeed in channeling the White Current often display powers with surprising effects.
Zeison Sha Warrior Talent Tree The Zeison Sha Zeison Sha talented enough to become warriors focus their powers on manipulating the objects around them. They are also masters of their signature weapon: the Discblade.
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
Kilian Ranger Talent Tree The Kilian Rangers As a respected member of The Kilian Rangers, you have learned their methods of using The Force. You are a master of the Siang Lance and the Shield Gauntlet, and you use them to defend chivalry and justice.
Unknown Regions
Blazing Chain Talent Tree The Blazing Chain Blazing Chain members develop abilities that aid them in raids and Starship combat. They do not rely on Lightsabers, so they apply The Force to blasters and other weapons in ways that other Force Traditions have not attempted.
Homebrew Content
Blackguard Wilder Talent Tree The Blackguard Dedicated warriors of The Blackguard, Blackguard Wilders specialized into ranks to perform their duties: Ravager, Marauder, and Trinity Assassin. Those Wilders then learn skills to best perform their duties.
Chalactan Adept Talent Tree The Chalactan Adepts The teachings and practices of The Chalactan Adepts give them amazing strength of will, providing them with immense discipline over adverse manipulation of the mind and body.
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