Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Equipment

See also: Hazards

Keywords: Area, Artificial

Challenge Level: 10

The Force Harvester was an ancient Sith device originally created by Exar Kun during The Great Sith War some four thousand years before the Clone Wars began. It is capable of draining the life force from any living being within its reach for the purpose of powering a much larger device, the Dark Reaper. The Force Harvester is activated by a Force-user with a Dark Side Score of 5 or greater with a successful Use the Force check (DC 20).

The Force Harvester makes an immediate Area Attack against all living creatures (Except the wielder of the device) within a 100-square radius. Make a single attack roll (1d20+20) and compare the result to the Will Defense of all living creatures within the affected area. The Force Harvester ignores all Concealment and Cover bonuses when making this attack.

Any targets successfully hit are drained of 2d10 Hit Points, while missed targets have 1d10 Hit Points sapped. As this Hazard targets Will Defense, the Evasion Talent has no effect on the Force Harvester. The device is considered fully charged and cannot extract any more Hit Points from targets once it has reached 1000 Hit Points stored. Once fully-powered, the device can be installed as an amplifying device to Turbolasers at a cost of 50,000 credits and 10 Emplacement Points.

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