Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: GaW Bases and Battlestations

Force Fields cannot be damaged and prevent all matter and energy from passing through; most conventional and energy weapons, including Lightsabers and Ion guns, are useless against them. Although Force Fields are more effective and reliable than Standard Doors and walls, they require greater power and more regular maintenance. As a result, Battlestations use Force Fields only in special situations. In some stations, personnel in Security Control Rooms can activate emergency Force Fields as needed to block off certain areas or trap invaders.

It is possible to overcome a Force Field, although the process is difficult and requires unconventional means. One method is to overload the field's energy buffers and place a great burden on the generators. After 5 rounds of applying constant energy to the Force Field generator, such as by connecting the field's generator to another Power Generator, the field deactivates, and the power source applied to the Force Field is destroyed.

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