Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

See also: Tactical Fire

All Capital Ships have the ability to focus their weapons on a large area of space, allowing the vessel to make a Starship Scale Area Attack. Essentially, Focused Fire creates dangerous "Terrain" in space by filling large areas of the battlefield with a hail of weapons fire. Much like the Tactical Fire option, this allows Gamemasters to use Capital Ships in a new way without making the ship into a direct combatant. A Colossal (Frigate) size ship can attack a single square with Focused Fire, a Colossal (Cruiser) size ship can attack a 2x2-square area, and a Colossal (Station) ship can attack a 3x3-square area.

The Capital Ship selects a single Laser Cannon, Turbolaser, or Ion Cannon system as it's primary source of Focused Fire. The Capital Ship must forgo all other attacks in the round it uses Focused Fire, making an attack roll against a Reflex Defense of 10 (Range penalties apply). If successful, that area is targeted by Focused Fire. If a Starship ends it's turn in an area targeted by Focused Fire, compare the result of the attack roll to the Starship's Reflex Defense. If the attack roll is higher, the target takes normal damage from the chosen Weapon System; if the target's Reflex Defense is higher, the target takes half damage.

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