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The FlitKnot is traditionally used by the Geonosians as a scouting vehicle to investigate meteorite impacts or track the movements of the more dangerous examples of local fauna. During the Clone Wars, the effective swoop is employed as a combat scout flown by Battle Droid pilots.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

The FlitKnot is a well-rounded swoop, and mounts an integrated comlink. The Geonosian FlitKnot Speeder is a compact swoop capable of altitudes of 2,000 meters.

FlitKnot Combat Swoop Statistics (CL 2)[edit | edit source]

Medium Ground Vehicle (Speeder)

Initiative: +12; Senses: Perception +5

Defense[edit | edit source]

Reflex Defense: 18 (Flat-Footed 11), Fortitude Defense: 14; +1 Armor

Hit Points: 30; Damage Reduction: 2; Damage Threshold: 14

Offense[edit | edit source]

Speed: 12 Squares; (Maximum Velocity 634 km/h)

Ranged: Light Blaster Cannon +1 (See Below)

Fighting Space: 1 Square (Character Scale); No Cover

Base Attack Bonus: +0; Grapple: +4

Special Actions: Battlefield Effects

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strength: 18, Dexterity: 24, Constitution: -, Intelligence: 12

Skills: Initiative +12, Mechanics +5, Perception +5, Pilot +12, Use Computer +5

Ship Statistics[edit | edit source]

Crew: 1 (Normal Crew Quality); Passengers: None

Cargo: 2 Kilograms; Consumables: 1 Day; Carried Craft: None

Availability: Military; Cost: 8,000 (3,000 Used)

Emplacement Points: 1

 Weapon Systems[edit | edit source]

Heavy Laser Cannon (Pilot)[edit | edit source]

Attack Bonus: +1, Damage: 3d10x2

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