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This article lists notable characters of The First Order and their relevant eras within the Star Wars universe.

The Resistance Era Edit

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FN-2199 (Nines) CL 6 A Riot Trooper, having served alongside his friend and brother-in-arms, FN-2187 (Finn).
Kylo Ren, Fallen Jedi CL 6 The former Ben Solo, hating the past for forcing itself on the present.
General Hux CL 12 A ruthless leader within The First Order, with a poisonous rivalry to Kylo Ren.
Captain Phasma CL 13 The distinctive commander of The First Order's Stormtroopers, prizing her own survival above all else.
Kylo Ren CL 12 The leader of the Knights of Ren, a dark sect of Force-users loyal to Snoke.
Rae Sloane CL 15 One of the last Grand Admirals of the Empire, and part of the earliest leadership of The First Order.
Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader CL 17 The new leader of The First Order, crowned after the "Unfortunate" death of Snoke.
Supreme Leader Snoke CL 20 The mysterious and enigmatic leader of The First Order, who unites the fractured Empire in The Unknown Regions.
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