Equipment Type: Tools

Cost: 50

Weight: 3 Kilograms

A full-round blast from this Tool produces a chemical cloud that provides Total Concealment. Those inside the cloud can't see targets outside the cloud, and those outside the cloud can't see targets inside the cloud. The cloud spreads 1 square in all directions for every round it is activated. It dissipates after 3 rounds (No matter how large the cloud). Each full-round blast depletes one-tenth of the Fire Extinguisher's chemical supply.

If used for its intended purpose, the extinguisher can put out a fire of up to 10 squares in size, at a rate of 1 square per round before it is depleted.

Reloading the Fire Extinguisher is a Full-Round Action. Replacement chemical cartridges for the Fire Extinguisher costs 25 credits each.

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