Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

Starship Systems Type: Weapon Systems

2 +1d10 1 Licensed x2
4 +2d10 2 Restricted x4
Optional Special 0 Licensed +1000

Weapon Systems of any type that deal damage can be Fire-Linked to increase their output, using up more space than a Cannon, Double/Quad but costing less. (Fire-Linked Turbolasers are often described as "Batteries," but this is not the same thing as a Weapon Battery in game terms). With every attack, Fire-Linked Missiles and Torpedoes consume a number of shots of ammunition equal to the number of Fire-Linked Weapons. A Fire-Linked Weapon has the given availability or the availability of it's Base Weapon, whichever is more restrictive.

Autofire Edit

Fire-Linked Blaster Cannons, Laser Cannons, Light Ion Cannons, and Light Turbolasers can fire normally or in Autofire mode, with a Swift Action required to switch between the two.

Optional Fire-Link Edit

Some Fire-Linked Weapons, such as Missiles and Torpedoes, are designed to have their Fire-Link deactivated to conserve ammunition. The Fire-Link can be turned on or off as a Swift Action, and the extra damage and ammunition consumption applies only while the Fire-Link is activated.

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