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Even with the coordinates that Vordell supplied Sude Raalo, locating The Starworm requires a bit of work. The Storworm is drifting and is some distance from where Vordell originally charted it. Once the heroes arrive at the given coordinates, they still need to make a DC 25 Use Computer check to detect the faint trail of debris the derelict left behind. Once they do, however, it is an easy matter to follow the trail to The Starworm's current position.

Healthy Competition (CL 7) Edit

While the heroes follow the trail, they encounter what appears to be a patrol of two TIE Fighters. These are actually Junker TIEs owned by Geelo, a local shipjacker who also bought the location of the Trade Federation battleship from Vordell. Geelo has dispatched these two Starfighters to the coordinates to conduct a search. If they find The Starworm, they are to report back so that Geelo can send a space tug to tow the whole ship back to Tatooine.

When these Starfighters arrive, the heroes might initially mistake them for Imperial ships; nothing about the Starfighters suggests that they are not a legitimate patrol- except, of course, their communications with Geelo. The heroes can tap into their communications with a DC 20 Use Computer check to determine that these are also salvagers looking for The Starworm, and that the salvagers have not noticed the heroes. They are focused on the debris trail and do not suspect that Vordell told anyone else about the derelict.

If the heroes wait a few rounds, the two TIE Fighters break off their conversation with Geelo and carry on with their search. This is a perfect time for the heroes to attack because it catches the TIE pilots off guard, and Geelo does not immediately know that his pilots were attacked.

Continued in Boarding The Starworm

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