Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Felucian Shamans learn to manipulate their natural aptitude with The Force and amplify their inherent powers in a variety of ways. You must be a member of The Felucian Shamans Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Charm Beast Edit

You may use a Use the Force check in place of a Persuasion check when attempting to change the Attitude of an undomesticated creature with an Intelligence of 2 or less. Additionally, you do not take the normal -5 penalty on the check if the creature can't speak or understand your language.

Command Beast Edit

Prerequisite: Charm Beast Talent

Whenever you manage to shift the Attitude of a Beast to Indifferent or Friendly, you may treat that creature as a domesticated animal- but for you only (It remains undomesticated in it's response to other creatures). Additionally, you may use this Beast as a mount, as per the Ride skill, provided that it is at least one size category larger than you and has a comfortable place for you to sit.

Detonate Edit

Prerequisite: Force Blast Force Power

When you use the Force Blast Force Power, you can spend a Force Point to compare the result of your Use the Force check to the Reflex Defense of all other characters, creatures, and Droids within 2 squares of your target. If you exceed the Reflex Defense of those secondary targets, they also take damage from the Force Blast, and if you fail to exceed their Reflex Defense, they take half damage instead. This is considered to be an Area Attack against the secondary targets (But not against the original target).

Hive Mind Edit

You can use the Telepathy application of the Use the Force Skill as a Swift Action, and you automatically succeed (No roll required) if your target is a willing recipient on the same planet.

Infuse Weapon Edit

You can spend a Force Point to infuse an unpowered melee Weapon (One that does not require an Energy Cell) with the strength of The Force, making it resistant to the attacks of other Weapons. Infusing the Weapon takes a Full-Round Action. From that point forward, when you wield the Weapon, it's Damage Reduction is doubled, and Lightsabers do not ignore the Weapon's Damage Reduction. When you spend a Force Point to modify the attack roll of an Infused Weapon, you also add 2 x the Force Point's result to the damage roll if the attack succeeds.

Sickening Blast Edit

Prerequisite: Force Blast Force Power

When you use the Force Blast Force Power, if your Use the Force check exceeds the target's Fortitude Defense, you can choose to move the target -1 step along the Condition Track. Doing so increases your Dark Side Score by 1.

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