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Felucia (Pronounced /fʌ'luʃə/ or /fʌ'lusiə/) is a largely unsettled terrestrial jungle planet in the Felucia System of the Thanium Worlds in The Outer Rim Territories. Located near the junction of the Perlemian Trade Route and Shaltin Tunnels, the world features a hot and humid atmosphere and significant water resources beneath a surface irradiated by ultraviolet light of the star Felix. Native plant, fungal, and animal life evolved to dominate the environment in a deep symbiotic relationship, causing significant Force energy to permeate the ecosystem. One native Species of sentient Felucians developed Force-based tribal societies in subterranean caverns while another socialized in farming communities based around nysillin crop; both were largely undisturbed by the greater galaxy until 27,000 BBY, when the planet was discovered by Gossam Couriver hyperspace explorers/colonists from Castell. After aggressive resistance from the native wildlife indicated that the world would not support large-scale colonies, the new arrivals established hard-fought, scattered resort settlements on the surface. Early populations, comprising only wealthy Gossams and their poor servants, knew the planet as Galuch and retained colonial control over it until around 25,126 BBY, when Xim the Despot absorbed the world into his empire as it expanded throughout the Tion Cluster.

Xim's dominion fell in 25,096 BBY, and although Felucia changed political loyalties throughout the millennia, the world and its meager settlements of mixed-Species immigrant laborers were entirely controlled by the Gossam-dominated Commerce Guild by 700 BBY. These small settlements eventually developed into commercially administered cities like Kway Teow, Har Gau, Jiaozi, and Niango, pushing the native jungle-dwelling Felucians to retreat into the wilderness. Independent communities of escaped workers, fugitive labor organizers, and Felucian nysillin farmers maintained tenuous communities in the dangerous wilds, but the Commerce Guild retained economic and political control of their world. When the Guild allied with the anti-Galactic Republic Separatist Movement to create the Confederacy of Independent Systems in 22 BBY, Felucia joined the rebellion movement in the Clone Wars as a Confederate fortress world. Separatist General Grievous set up a blockade of the planet early in the war, which was unsuccessfully challenged by the Grand Army of the Republic around the beginning of the conflict. The Republic made a more successful second attempt around a year later. By 19 BBY, the Commerce Guild had once again established its dominance of Felucia and Guild President Shu Mai chose it as her new headquarters and base of military operations. It's tactical significance made it a primary target in the Republic's Outer Rim Sieges, resulting in a bloody months-long battle at the end of the Clone Wars.

The battle ended with the near-poisoning of the Felucian water supply and the mass murder of the Republic's Jedi commanders with the issuance of Order 66. The years of violence traumatized the native ecosystem, pushing its natural energies and Force-sensitive inhabitants towards the Dark Side. During the Great Jedi Purge, Jedi Master Shaak Ti and her apprentice Maris Brood went into hiding in the Felucia jungles, working to bring the shamanistic Felucian tribes away from the Dark Side. Master Ti is killed by an assassin in 3 BBY, throwing the surviving Felucian Shaman and Maris Brood deep into the grip of the Dark Side. The natural Force power of the natives eventually catches the attention of the Galactic Empire, which prepares to exterminate the tribes in order to preempt any threat their power posed. Brood led hordes of dark-sided Felucians against Imperial invaders, but was herself killed during the fight. Although the Empire later maintains a presence on the planet through the Galactic Civil War, Felucia becomes heavily trafficked by crime syndicates like the Jabba Desilijic Tiure's chapter of the Hutt Cartel and the rival Zann Consortium. The New Republic later wrests control of the world away from the Empire; but it again changes hands during the Yuuzhan Vong War, when the alien invaders claim it for their Empire. Following the war, Felucia is colonized by Ithorian refugees.

Felucia Statistics[edit | edit source]

Region: The Outer Rim

Climate: Tropical

Gravity: Light (75% Standard)

Moons: 2

Length of Day: 27 Standard Hours

Length of Year: 232 Local Days

Sapient Species: 75% Felucian (Native), 10% Gossam, 5% Twi'lek, 10% Human

Government: Imperial Governor

Capital: Kway Teow

Major Exports: Slaves, Biotoxins, Medicine

Major Imports: High-Tech Goods, Foodstuffs

Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
10 During the Clone Wars, Felucia was a major stronghold for the Separatists, particularly the Commerce Guild.
15 Since their defeat, Separatist remnants, including the planet's Gossam settlers, have taken shelter in small enclaves in the fungal wilderness, joining forces with the fugitive laborers, outlaws, and smugglers they formerly persecuted.
20 Imperial forces maintain a presence in Kway Teow primarily to gather Gossam slaves for export and to research biological agents taken from the diverse and abundant plant life.
25 During The Dark Times, the Jedi Shaak Ti and Maris Brood seek refuge here from Imperial Inquisitors.
Knowledge (Life Sciences)
10 The humid fungus forests covering the world's surface glisten in the sun, creating a fantastic, multicolored landscape during the day. Most plants and animals on Felucia have adapted specialized defenses to protect them from each other, making them particularly hostile to offworlders.
15 Although the plant life synthesizes its own venoms delivered through spores, sap, gas, and thorns, the native Felucians, Gossam colonists, and Commerce Guild scientists all learned how to extract and enhance toxic biological elements for both Poisons and medicines.
20 The deadly wildlife lurking on Felucia includes a Sarlacc and a subspecies of the dreaded Rancor called the Bull Rancor.
25 The native Felucians have a degree of Force-sensitivity that primarily manifests itself through tribal shamans (See The Felucian Shamans).
30 The Jedi apprentice Maris Brood, after hiding on Felucia and turning to the Dark Side, corrupts several Felucian Shamans and trains them to tap into the more sinister aspects of the Force.
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