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This article lists notable characters of The Fel Empire and their relevant eras within the Star Wars universe.

The Legacy Era Edit

See Also: The Legacy Era


Legacy Era Campaign Guide

Astraal Vao CL 5 A member of The Imperial Mission, Astraal is a close friend and ally to Marasiah Fel.
Marasiah Fel CL 10 Daughter to Roan Fel, Marasiah Fel works as an envoy between her father and sympathetic Imperials.
Azlyn Rae CL 11 A former Padawan of The Jedi, Azlyn joins The Imperial Knights following the Battle of Ossus.
Oron Jaeger CL 12 Loyalist to Emperor Roan Fel, Oron commands the 501st Legion station on Bastion.
Antares Draco CL 15 One of the highest-ranking members of The Imperial Knights, and a romantic love interest of princess Marasiah Fel.
Emperor Roan Fel CL 20 Emperor-in-Exile, Roan Fel works to restore himself to the Imperial throne.
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