See also: Hazards

Just as creatures take damage when they fall (See Falling Damage), so too do they take damage when hit by Falling Objects. When a creature could be hit by a Falling Object, make an attack roll (Using the attack bonus listed in the table below) against the target's Reflex Defense. If the attack succeeds, the target takes the listed damage. If the attack fails, the target takes half damage instead. This is considered an Area Attack. Objects of Fine and Diminutive size are too small to deal damage, regardless of the distance fallen. A Falling Object must land wholly or partly in a target's Fighting Space to deal damage to the target.

The GM may adjust the damage depending on the circumstances. For example, a Colossal object might be extremely light (Such as a gas-filled passenger balloon). Objects that are forced downward (Such as a piston in a Droid factory or a closing door) deal damage as if they were two size categories larger than they actually are. Additionally, if the target is at least three size categories smaller than the Falling Object, the target cannot move unless it succeeds on a Strength check to lift the object off itself (See the table below for the check DC) or a DC 15 Acrobatics check to crawl out from underneath. The GM can modify the DCs for either check based on the circumstances; for example, a character might find themselves trapped under an object that has opening or gaps that allow them to wiggle free.

Tiny Blaster Pistol, Datapad -5 1d4 -
Small Blaster Rifle -2 1d6 -
Medium Locker, Heavy Armor +0 2d6 5
Large Speeder Bike +2 4d6 10
Huge Landspeeder +5 8d6 15
Gargantuan Starfighter +10 12d6 20
Colossal AT-AT +20 20d6 25
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