See also: Hazards

When a creature, Droid, object, or Vehicle falls, make an attack roll (1d20+20) against it's Fortitude Defense. If the attack succeeds, the target takes 1d6 points of damage for every 3 meters fallen (To a maximum of 20d6 damage). If the attack fails, the target only takes half damage. A falling creature or Droid also lands Prone.

Acrobatics: If a character is Trained in the Acrobatics or Jump Skills, it can reduce the damage it takes from a fall with a successful Skill Check (See the Skills for more details). If the check succeeds and it take no damage from the fall, is lands on it's feet. If a character falls from a height of greater than 60 meters, treat the fall as being only 60 meters for the purposes of reducing Falling Distance.

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