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Sometimes a mission calls for the use of more powerful explosives than either Grenades or Thermal Detonators. Set Explosives aren't ranged weapons and can't be used like Grenades. Placing an Explosive requires a Mechanics check.

When set and activated, the charge's Timer begins counting down. Standard Timers can be set with as much as an hour delay. Longer delays require specialized timers.

With a successful Mechanics check, explosives ignore the Damage Reduction of objects to which they're attached. Particularly good Mechanics check results can increase the damage even more. Multiple explosives rigged to explode at the same time deal extra damage: Every time you double the number of explosives used, you add +2 dice of damage. For example, two blocks of Detonite deal 7d6 points of damage, while four blocks deal 9d6 points of damage.

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Explosive Charge 1500 10d6* Energy 0.5 kg Diminutive Restricted
Detonite 500 5d6* Energy 0.1 kg Fine Restricted
Timer 250 - - 0.1 kg Fine Licensed
Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Manual Trigger 100 - - 0.1 kg Fine Licensed
Galaxy at War
Detonite Cord 1000 4d6* Energy 1 kg Tiny Restricted
Homebrew Content - Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
"Borebang" Subterranean Explosive 1500 Special Energy 1 kg Small Military, Rare
Micro-Explosive Charge 200 1d8 Energy 0.1 kg Fine Military
Thermal Bomb 800 3d6 (Fire) Energy and Fire 0.5 kg Tiny Restricted
*The explosion damages everything in a 1-square Burst radius
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