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The most technologically adept of the syndicates in Point Nadir is controlled by an Ubese technocrat named Liash Keane. Keane's expertise includes high tech black marketeering, money laundering, and slicing. Keane's organization is known as Epsis, named for a now-extinct species of predatory bird that was originally native to Uba III. The Epsis was a migratory species, moving alone or in mated pairs, and never staying one place for long.

Epsis is considered the second-largest of Point Nadir's governing bodies. This has nothing to do with the organization's size and everything to do with the amount of power that it holds. Epsis is solely responsible for maintaining Point Nadir's tap into The HoloNet, a feat that would be impossible for any of the shadowport's other entities to perform. Though never specifically acknowledged by Keane, Epsis agents are believed to have made modifications to the disparate networks and computer systems that keep the shadowport running on a daily basis. If so, Keane would be able to shut the entire shadowport down at her whim.

In addition to buying and selling high-tech wares, Epsis provides other valuable services to discerning scoundrels. From slicing, to forgery of official documents, to starship upgrades and "Reallocations of ownership," Epsis does it all. The most luxurious docking facilities in Point Nadir are also administered by Epsis, and their use is far from cheap.

Heroes and Epsis Edit

Players with a penchant for technical skills can expect to find work with Epsis if they prove themselves to be both reliable and skilled. Like other Ubese, Liash Keane is suspicious of outsiders to the point of paranoia, and she doesn't put anyone on the payroll unless they've paid their dues. Freelancers are employed only if they are referred to Keane by a trusted affiliate. One thing that can be said about Epsis is that Keane maintains a comfortable pay scale for her employees. With such high pay comes risk, so few of the duties assigned to full-time Epsis employees can be considered "Milk Runs." Simple and mildly dangerous assignments are reserved for freelance help. Once they have been accepted into the organization, characters can expect to receive competitive pay and tangible benefits, such as discounts on ship or equipment modifications or repairs. Every employee is also provided an alternate identity for use only in the course of duties to Epsis.

Characters who get on Liash Keane's bad side can expect a horrible time. Keane and her network of techs, slicers, and high-tech con artists stop at nothing to gain payback for whatever transgression they have been subjected to. Death, as a punishment, is reserved for former employees who know too much, and who are at risk of using the information to harm Epsis and its activities. The rest of the organization's enemies are punished according to the severity of their sins, preferably in a suitably poetic fashion.

 Epsis Heroic Units Edit

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Scum and Villainy

Puzell CL 5 A technically-minded underboss of Epsis, with a particular distaste for The Sable Dawn.
Yissk CL 8 A former Barabel gladiator that owes his freedom to Liash Keane, now working as her personal bodyguard.
Liash Keane CL 10 Founder of Epsis, an Ubese tech specialist that has learned to better apply her skills in her own syndicate.

 Epsis Nonheroic Units Edit

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Scum and Villainy
Epsis Sentry CL 2 The Epsis' Sentry Corps are a common sight in Epsis-controlled portions of Point Nadir.
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