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Rising to prominence in the days after the Great Sith War, Personal Energy Shields project a thin layer of shielding over an individual character or creature. The popularity of Energy Shields sparks a revolution in combat tactics, including a surge in the popularity of melee weapons and non-energy projectile weapons. Just as the spread of Energy Shields is a response to the prominence of energy weapons, they in turn cause warriors to adjust their tactics to deal with Personal Energy Shields.

Energy Shields give a character a Shield Rating, which functions exactly as Vehicle and Starship shields. An energy-shield generator is typically worn on the forearm or upper arm and must be activated as a Swift Action. Energy Shields typically have 5 charges, and energy shields can only be activated once per encounter (The stress on the shield generator causes the device to overload otherwise, so the manufacturers build in failsafes to prevent such an occurrence). Each activation consumes one charge and lasts through the end of the encounter. An Energy Shield only protects against weapons that deal Energy damage; a weapon that deals any other type of damage bypasses the shield's SR entirely.

Energy Shields come in three varieties: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each Energy Shield type corresponds to an armor type (Light is Light Armor, Medium is Medium Armor, and Heavy is Heavy Armor). A character with an active Personal Energy Shield without the relevant Armor Proficiency Feat (Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), and Armor Proficiency (Heavy)) takes a -5 penalty to their Reflex Defense, and the wearer is denied it's Dexterity bonus to their Reflex Defense, though he or she still gains the benefits of the Energy Shield. Regardless of whether or not the character is proficient with the Energy Shield, the character always takes the Armor Check Penalty associated with the Energy Shield while it is activated. Additionally, each type of Energy Shield imposes it's Maximum Dexterity Bonus restriction only when activated, not when worn and inert. An Energy Shield can be added to a suit of armor as an Armor Accessory. An Energy Shield can be modified by Armor Templates only if the Template specifically states that it can be used on Energy Shields, and the Energy Shield confers that benefit only when it is activated.

The Shield Rating provided by the Energy Shield determines the Energy Shield's price, as well as the type of Armor Proficiency Feat required to operate the Energy Shield without penalty (Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), or Armor Proficiency (Heavy)).

Energy Shield Purchase Table
5 Light Armor +4 500
10 Light Armor +4 2000
15 Medium Armor +3 4500
20 Medium Armor +3 8000
25 Heavy Armor +2 12500
30 Heavy Armor +2 18000
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