Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Vehicles and Vessels

Starship Systems Type: Weapon Systems

Emplacement Points: 1

Availability: Military

Cost: 2000

Energy Shell Projectors coat artillery shells in a high-energy plasma to reduce atmospheric friction and slightly improve their ability to destroy targets.

Energy Shell Projectors have an ammunition capacity of 40 standard Energy Shells, or 20 alternative shells. Additional capacity can be added, increasing the cost by 20% for each additional 10 shells (Up to a maximum of double capacity). Energy Shell Projectors use the same range modifiers as Heavy Weapons.

Energy Shells Edit

Starship Systems Type: Weapon Systems


Standard 6d6 Military 50
Armor Piercing 6d6 Military 100
Bunker Buster See Below Military 150
High-Yield 6d6x2 Military 100

A variety of Energy Shell ammunition types exist, each fulfilling a different role in combat. Available special rounds include Armor Piercing (6d6x2, Penetration 10), High-Yield Shells (6d6x2, 3-Square Splash) or Bunker Busters.

Bunker Busters are designed to attack sentients inside a fortified structure. Roll a single attack as if using an Armor Piercing Shell. If you exceed the target’s Damage Threshold on this attack, make an additional attack as a Free Action with the same attack bonus as if firing a standard Energy Shell inside the structure.

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