Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Essentially, an Energy Lance is a Force Pike that has been combined with an electromagnetic pulse generator (The same kind used by an Electrostaff) and balanced for use while riding a mount. Energy Lances once were commonly carried by honor guards and ceremonial troops such as the Mon Calamari Knights, and many such Weapons still in circulation bear signs of their once-proud heritage. Though an Energy Lance is a Large Weapon, it is balanced in such a way that a Medium creature Trained in the Ride Skill can wield it in one hand while mounted. If an Energy Lance is wielded by a Medium creature that is not mounted, attacks with the Weapon take a -1 penalty.

The electromagnetic pulse can also be channeled along the length of the lance and fired from the tip as a bolt of plasma. When used in this way, the Energy Lance functions as a Blaster Carbine with no Stun Setting. This use of the Energy Lance requires a Power Pack, and has the same ammunition capacity as a Blaster Carbine.

An Energy Lance requires two Energy Cells to operate. It's melee attack and it's ranged attack both function unimpeded underwater.

Weapon Type: Advanced Melee Weapons

Size: Large

Cost: 3500

Damage: 2d8

Stun Setting: NO

Weight: 5 Kilograms

Type: Piercing and Energy

Availability: Restricted

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