Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

Affiliations: The Fel EmpireThe Imperial Knights

Considered by many to be the rightful ruler of the galaxy, Roan Fel is the leader of The Fel Empire and is Darth Krayt's most wanted enemy. Roan Fel is a hard man who believes in the strength of order but not the violence of tyranny, and he leads both the Empire-in-Exile and The Imperial Knights in their crusade against the false Emperor that rules from Coruscant.

Trained as an Imperial Knight and skilled in the arts of military leadership and diplomacy, Roan Fel throws his support behind The Imperial Mission early and often, and works hard to make sure that The Jedi are not targeted as enemies during The Sith-Imperial War. However, despite his efforts, The Sith prevail and The Jedi are nearly eradicated.

After The Galactic Alliance's surrender, Emperor Roan Fel is forced into hiding when Darth Krayt seizes the throne. In the intervening years, he has cultivated quite a following of loyalists and still manages to hold the planet of Bastion, despite Krayt's knowledge that the planet serves as the capital of the Empire-in-Exile.

 Emperor Roan Fel Statistics (CL 20) Edit

Medium Human Jedi 3/Noble 6/Imperial Knight 8/Officer 6

Destiny Points: 3; Force Points: 9; Dark Side Score: 4

Initiative: +10; Senses: Improved Sense Force (Can Sense Force as a Move Action), Improved Sense Surroundings (Can Sense Surroundings as a Free Action), Perception: +19

Languages: Basic

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 35 (Flat-Footed: 34), Fortitude Defense: 34, Will Defense: 36; Block, Deflect, Shift Defense I

Hit Points: 157, Damage Threshold: 34

Offense Edit

Speed: 4 Squares

Melee: Lightsaber +22 (2d8+12)

Melee: Lightsaber +17 (2d8+12) and Lightsaber +17 (2d8+12) with Double Attack

Ranged: By Weapon +18

Base Attack Bonus: +18, Grab: +20

Attack Options: Double Attack (Lightsabers), Melee Defense

Special Actions: Assault Tactics, Born Leader, Command Cover (+3), Coordinate, Cortosis Gauntlet, Deployment Tactics, Knight's Morale, Oath of Duty, Share Talent (Assault Tactics, Deployment Tactics, Shift Defense I), Strength of the Empire, Trust

Force Power Suite (Use the Force +22): Battle Strike, Force Slam, Mind Trick, Move Object, Prescience, Rebuke (2), Stagger, Surge, Vital Transfer

Force Techniques: Force Point Recovery, Improved Move Light Object, Improved Sense Force, Improved Sense Surroundings

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 14, Dexterity 10, Constitution 14, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 19, Charisma 15

Talents: Armored Defense, Assault Tactics, Block, Born Leader, Coordinate, Deflect, Deployment Tactics, Knight's Morale, Oath of Duty, Shift Defense I, Strength of the Empire, Trust

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Double Attack (Lightsabers), Force Sensitivity, Force Training (2), Martial Arts I, Melee Defense, Skill Focus (Persuasion), Skill Focus (Use the Force), Skill Training (Deception), Skill Training (Persuasion), Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Deception +17, Knowledge (Tactics) +15, Perception +19, Persuasion +22, Use the Force +22

Possessions: Emperor's Robes, Imperial Knight Armor (+8 Reflex, +2 Fortitude), Cortosis Gauntlet, Lightsaber (Self-Built), Comlink (Short-Range), Various Personal Belongings

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