Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

Members of Vahl's cult look to their goddess for inspiration. Over the years, they have developed talents that slant toward the destructive. You must be a member of The Ember of Vahl Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Initiate of Vahl Edit

Having been formally initiated into Vahl's priesthood, you are resistant to the effects of Fire and Extreme Heat. You take half damage from attacks that deal Fire damage, or no damage on a miss (If the Fire damage is part of an Area Attack).

Reading the Flame Edit

Prerequisite: Initiate of Vahl

You can enter a trance by staring into a flame of any size, gaining insight into the workings of the galaxy by meditating on the flame's movement. Whenever you use the Farseeing Force Power or the Search Your Feelings application of the Use the Force Skill, you can reroll your Use the Force check, keeping the better of the two results.

Sword of Vahl Edit

Prerequisite: Initiate of Vahl

Your devotion to Vahl allows you to eschew advanced weapons in favor of simple implements of war. You gain a +1 Force bonus on attack rolls made with Simple Weapons.

Vahl's Brand Edit

Prerequisite: Empower Weapon

Any additional damage you deal with an Empowered Weapon is considered to be Fire damage.

Vahl's Flame Edit

As a Swift Action, you can use The Force to call forth the sparks of your goddess, wreathing your weapon in flames. Until the beginning of your next turn, any successful attack you make with a Melee Weapon deals an additional 1d6 points of Fire damage.

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