Equipment Type: Detection and Surveillance Devices

Cost: 1000

Weight: 1 Kilogram

This device magnifies distant objects in most lighting conditions. An internal display provides data on range, relative and true azimuths, and elevation. Viewing options include zoom and wide-vision observation. Electrobinoculars also feature radiation sensors and a nightvision mode that grants Darkvision out to the user's normal range of sight.

Electrobinoculars reduce the range penalty on Perception checks to -1 for every 10 squares of distance (Instead of -5 for every 10 squares of distance).

Homebrew Electrobinoculars[edit | edit source]

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Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Equipment

Equipment Type: Detection and Surveillance Devices

Holorecording 5000 1 kg
Neuro-Saav 2500 2 kg

Holorecording[edit | edit source]

The Holorecording Electrobinoculars were an experimental piece of equipment used by the Praesitlyn Defense Force during the Clone Wars. During this time, the device was extremely rare outside of Praesitlyn, but is placed into mass production after the Clone Wars. The TT-4 functions as normal Electrobinoculars, but can also record up to three hours of holographic video.

Neuro-Saav[edit | edit source]

These were the Electrobinoculars of choice for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The Neuro-Saav TD1.4 Electrobinoculars were most often used by ARC Troopers or Jedi on deployment with Clone Troopers. They were used with great success most notably on Muunilist by ARC-77 Captain Fordo during his mission to disable a Separatist gun emplacement. Fordo used these Electrobinoculars to recon the emplacement defenses prior to his attack.

The Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars provide all of the benefits of standard models, but also includes the ability to record data, still images and video onto Blank Datacards. They also contain visual enhancers that automatically adjust for poor visibility conditions and digitally enhance the picture’s sharpness and clarity at range. These Electrobinoculars reduce the range penalty on Perception checks to -1 for every 15 squares of distance. They also increase the Aid Another bonus given to an ally or allied vehicle by +1 when using Long-Range Spotter.

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