Droids are mechanical beings with interchangeable parts. As such, the functionality of Droids range as widely as the organic Species of Star Wars. Droids can be differentiated between one another based on their Droid Model, as well as their own Droid Systems. While the Model represents the Droid's function, the modified Droid Systems a Droid installs can show a Droid's personality and specializations.

Droid System Types Edit

Unlike characters and creatures, Droids are essentially collections of different Equipment called Droid Systems. A Droids' Systems can be upgraded, replaced, and modified many times throughout a Droid's operational lifetime. A Droid System falls into one of four categories:

Modifying Droids Edit

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A Droid can be modified to carry additional Equipment simply by attaching the new Equipment to the Droid's chassis and connecting the new component to the Droid's Processor. Adding Equipment increases the Droid's weight. Droids suffer from Encumbrance penalties the same way organics characters do: they slow down. Adding, removing, or replacing the systems on a Droid requires a Mechanics check, the DC set by the type of Droid System.

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