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Eventually, the heroes come to the main thoroughfare that the Separatists use to move Vehicles and Droids through the city. After each bombardment, Droids sweep aside the rubble and debris to keep the path clear. This particular portion of the roadway, however, is a trap to ambush any Republic tanks that manage to make their way into Rhigar. Mounds of debris block each side of the path so that the heroes must navigate this particular stretch of road if they wish to reach the bridge's southern checkpoint in time.

From the safety of cover, the heroes spy a lone Battle Droid walking a patrol up and down the roadway. A DC 15 Perception check indicates that the Droid's path is erratic- it frequently stops and changes direction even when nothing seems to be in its way. A DC 15 Knowledge (Tactics) check reveals that the Battle Droid is probably avoiding Mines that have been placed in the roadway.

Indeed, the Separatists have seeded Ion Mines and Antipersonnel Mines in this area. If the heroes fail to take out the Battle Droid in 2 rounds, it has time to call its comrades at the southern checkpoint, giving the Droids there a +5 bonus to Perception check when they attempt to spot the approaching heroes (See The Big Boom).

Continued in The Medical Facility

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