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For the most part, Gamemasters and players need not worry about the exact type of data ports and other connections between a Droid and a computer, Vehicle, or network. However, the Gamemaster might decide that this information should play a part in the story or would otherwise logically come into play. For instance, it might make sense for an astromech Droid to be able to slice into a complex computer system, but a lowly power Droid probably does not have the equipment for it. Also, rare or alien Droids or those from another era might have nonstandard ports. Certain Talents and Feats require a link in order to function. Below is a brief summary of the standard data ports found in the galaxy.

Maintenance Data Link Edit

All Droids come standard with at least one Maintenance Data Link port for programming and maintenance. This wired link can be used with Datapads, Portable Computers, and systems designed for implementing Droid Modifications. This link is not normally suitable for the Droid to use to attempt slicing or controlling a Vehicle or automated systems. Any attempt to do so suffers a -10 penalty to any Use Computer, Mechanics, or other skill checks. This penalty does not apply to skill checks others make to the Droid.

Basic Data Link Edit

Droids are equipped with one or more Basic Data Links. This wired link allows a Droid to transfer data efficiently and enables equipped Droids, such as pilot Droids, to operate computers and ship systems without physically touching the manual controls, although that capability usually depends on the system rather than the Droid. The port is suitable for data transfer, vehicular control, and slicing attempts.

Scomp Link Edit

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This advanced Droid-computer Data Link is found on Starships and on larger computers and networks. This port is suitable for all types of data transfer, vehicular control, and slicing attempts. All astromech Droids are equipped with Scomp Links, unless otherwise noted.

Wireless Link Edit

Some Droids have the hardware to access Wireless Data Links. This type of link is only operable when a computer or network also has wireless capability. Accessing networks typically requires passwords or slicing. However, once connected, this type of link is suitable for all types of data transfer, vehicular control, and slicing attempts. An Internal Comlink does not allow a Droid to access wireless data networks or make slicing attempts wirelessly.

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