Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

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Background Event

Once you were respected, possibly even in a position of authority, but you were disgraced and lost the standing you had worked so hard to achieve. Perhaps you were a high-ranking member of the Incom Corporation who was humiliated when the X-Wing design team defected to the Rebellion, or a prominent community leader or bureaucrat who lost all authority when Imperial Inquisitors falsely accused you of harboring a Jedi.

As a result of being disgraced, you have learned to hide your true identity from others,and you treat any attempt to create a Deceptive Appearance for yourself as one step simpler. Thus, when you try to disguise yourself with a Difficult Deception, you instead treat it as a Moderate Deception.

Relevant Skills: Deception, Gather Information, and Stealth

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