Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

The Disciples of Twilight embody shadow, using The Force to manipulate light and darkness. You must be a member of The Disciples of Twilight Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Cloak of Shadows Edit

You can spend a Force Point as a Swift Action to bend light around you, veiling yourself in shadows. Until the end of the encounter, whenever you move and end your movement at least 3 squares away from your starting position, you gain Concealment from all targets until the beginning of your next turn.

Phantasm Edit

Whenever you successfully use a Force Power with the [Mind-Affecting] descriptor against a target, any time before the end of encounter you can spend a Force Point as a Swift Action to create illusory phantoms around that target. When you do this, you and all of your allies within the target's line of sight have Concealment from the target until the end of your next turn.

Revelation Edit

As a Standard Action, you can make a Use the Force check against the Will Defense of an enemy that has Concealment from you or any of your allies. If successful, the enemy is silhouetted by a faint shimmering light that belies their location. Your target loses any Concealment bonuses to Reflex Defense until the end of your next turn.

Shadow Armor Edit

Prerequisite: Cloak of Shadows Talent

You use The Force to bend light around yourself, wrapping you in shadows and making it difficult for enemies to tell where you end and the shadows begin. As a Swift Action, you grant yourself a +1 Force bonus to your Reflex Defense until the start of your next turn. You may select this Talent multiple times. Each time you select it, the Force bonus it provides increases by +1 (To a maximum of +4).

Shadow Vision Edit

As a Swift Action, you gain Low-Light Vision, allowing you to ignore Concealment (But not Total Concealment) from darkness. This benefit lasts for 5 minutes or until the end of the encounter, whichever comes first.

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