Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

Equipment Type: Explosives

Cost: 1000

Weight: 1 Kilogram

Detonite Cord- a long, thin cable of explosive Detonite- is used mainly for mining and commercial demolition. Military sappers also commonly employ it is the field for specialized uses. Like regular Detonite, Detonite Cord is very stable and requires a Timer or Manual Trigger for detonation.

Detonite Cord is sold in reels, each with enough explosive to extend 6 squares. Multiple reels of Detonite Cord can be spliced together for larger explosions. Designed for precise explosions, Detonite Cord causes negligible damage beyond it's 1-square Burst radius. Detonite Cord gives a +5 Equipment bonus to a Mechanics check to determine if the explosive ignores the DR of an object the Detonite Cord is attached to.

Size: Tiny

Damage: 4d6 (The explosive damages everything in a 1-square Burst radius from each square that the Detonite Cord occupies)

Type: Energy

Availability: Restricted

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