Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

See also: HazardsDiseases

Keywords: Disease

Challenge Level: 8

The Death Seed Plague is a dangerous disease caused by parasitic Droch. A creature infected with Death Seed Plague moves -1 Persistent step down the Condition Track and takes a -5 penalty to its Fortitude Defense. If the Droch's initial Bite attack is successful, the attack occurs each day (1d20+1) the disease remains untreated (The penalty to Fortitude Defense is not cumulative). If the plague moves the creature to the bottom of the Condition Track, the creature dies.

The Persistent Condition remains as long as the disease is untreated, and treating the disease requires a successful DC 25 Treat Injury check. Using a Bacta Tank reduces the Treat Injury DC to 15.

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