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When you hit with an Attack, you deal damage that reduces the enemy's Hit Points.

Damage with a melee or thrown melee weapon is calculated as follows:

Weapon Damage + One-Half Heroic Level (Rounded Down) + Strength Modifier

Damage with a ranged weapon is calculated as follows:

Weapon Damage + One-Half Heroic Level (Rounded Down)

Weapon Damage: A hit always deals at least 1 point of Damage, even if penalties to damage bring the Damage result below 1.

One-Half Heroic Level: Weapons are simply more dangerous in the hands of powerful Heroes (And Villains).

Strength Modifier: When you hit with a melee weapon or thrown melee weapon, you add your Strength modifier to Damage. When you hit with a melee weapon that you are wielding two-handed, you add double your Strength bonus (If any) to the Damage. This higher Strength modifier does not apply to two-handed melee attacks with Light weapons.

Additional Mixed Damage Types[edit | edit source]

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Some weapons and effects deal damage with multiple damage types; for example, Lightsabers deal Energy and Slashing damage, and Bowcasters deal Energy and Piercing damage. Whenever a weapon or effect has multiple damage types, if the effect deals both types of damage simultaneously then any other ability that depends on one of the effect's damage types applies to the full damage from that effect.

So, for example, the Negate Energy Force Power can be used to negate the full damage from a Lightsaber attack since it can negate Energy damage. Similarly, the special function of Fiber Armor can be used to grant the wearer DR 10 against an attack from a Bowcaster, since the Bowcaster is considered to be a ranged Energy weapon.

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