See also: General Equipment, Advanced Cybernetics

The galaxy has centuries of advanced technology at its disposal. Among them is the ability to replace and, for a price, modify and enhance the body. To install a Cybernetic device, a creature must posses the Cybernetic Surgery Feat. Alternatively, they could also pay a specialist to do the task for them, although the price for installation could vary depending on the legality of the Cybernetic device.

Two major kinds of Cybernetics exist in the galaxy: Replacements and Enhancements.

  • Replacements: Cybernetic Replacements are prosthetic or artificial units intended to replace lost limbs and damaged organs. In appearance, a cybernetic replacement could be recognizably artificial or virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Enhancements: Cybernetic Enhancements bestow new abilities or improve the recipient in some fashion. Some enhancements had visible external components, while others were hidden beneath the skin.

Because The Force is present in all living things, but not machines, creatures with Cybernetics take a -1 penalty on Use the Force checks for each Cybernetic Device they possess (To a maximum penalty of -5).



Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Cybernetic Prosthesis 1500 Varies 500
Threats of the Galaxy
Rhen-Orm Biocomputer 3500 0.2 kg 10000
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Energy-Binding Prosthesis 3000 2 kg 500
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Subelectronic Converter 23000 - 500
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